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“A safe and loving place to be, with gentle and fun instruction. I loved the positive support!” ~ J.S.
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Usui Reiki One &Two Classes

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Yes, I teach small groups & private classes.

I asked for their feedback.  Here's some of the nice things students had to say about the comprehensive Reiki I Foundation Class:
"Great, loved the info & attunement."
"Enjoyable day! Very open & non-judgmental."
 "Instructor answered questions effectively and lovingly."
"Very interactive, fun, laid back."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the day."
"Learned the material.. Reiki was explained in its integrity."
Photo Copyrighted - PLEASE Do NOT use without my written permission"Thank youThank you! "
                  (Comment from a Reiki 1 Student ~ No Dear, Thank you.  I love to learn with &  from my students.)
Inspiring teachers. They held sacred space - created a wonderful healing space to learn and grow."
"Class was informal, comfortable, instructors used humor and were supportive."
"Helped bring meditation & Reiki back into my life."
"Such a valuable experience, 
I recommend this class to all my friends interested in energy healing."
About My Foundation Classes
I teach small groups and private classes, and I believe students deserve individual attention, in-class practice time, and additional time to experience Reiki energy outside of the classroom.  Why?  Because I believe your Reiki foundation class is the cornerstone of personal and professional Reiki practice. I also believe it should provide you the knowledge & practice needed for daily self-treatment, and the confidence to share treatments informally with family & friends.  (You can learn more about my classes below)

"I learned a lot about practicing Reiki (from experience today)"
"I look forward to Reiki II."

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Scheduling May & June 2019
Usui Reiki I Class Now ~ 
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Usui Reiki II 
Scheduling  Reiki II
Classes Now
Yes, I teach private classes.  
Please feel free to call 
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All Reiki 4 Peaceful Heart Classes
are taught by Barbara Church.
That's me!  I am an Usui Reiki Ryoho master teacher, a Karuna® Reiki master teacher, and a Jikiden® Reiki practitioner.  I teach Usui Reiki Ryoho courses designed to provide students with a solid foundation in energy therapy, Reiki history, and techniques.  I am passionate about quality Reiki education, and the promotion of Reiki as an authentic, effective, and legitimate healing art. 

Energy is amazing and I know many amazing energy workers. I often invite other energy practitioners to share their knowledge & gifts with students.

Reiki Classes  © Barbara Church 2014Looking for class dates?  We're busy! We live in a busy world.  But, daily life & work responsibilities should not be obstacles to self care.  I work with individual students and members of small groups to develop class schedules that work for all of us.  Every student receives individual attention and support.

The Reiki Path is Transformational.
The Reiki Precepts for Health and Happiness (the Reiki Principles)
authored by Mikao Usui are central to Reiki.  As such, they are an essential part of Reiki practice & this training.  The Reiki Precepts help to center us in gratitude, peace and serenity.  They also provide simple, effective guidance as we navigate the challenges, unexpected changes, joyful moments, bumps & annoyances of daily life.
© Barbara Church 2014  R4PH Website May 2014 DragonflyThis class includes: lecture, practice, meditation, discussion, question & answer time, more practice, a practicum, inspiration, fascinating experiences, and a lot of laughter.  Some of the topics covered are:  The Reiki Precepts, subtle energy, energy therapies, Reiki meditation & energy self care, the interesting history of Reiki, lineage, and the basic differences between Western Reiki & traditional Japanese Reiki.   I also present additional information specifically for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). 
Reiki is also a beautiful contemplative meditation practice.

Reiki Classes  © Barbara Church 2014One of the many benefits practitioners receive from Reiki is the sense of peace and serenity that comes from regular meditation practice.   It is important for students to experience and learn Reiki techniques and meditations.  Reiki techniques and meditations are presented and practiced in class.  It is my direct observation that students who spend time practicing energy techniques, self treatments, and Reiki meditations in class and at home, experience energy faster and develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of Reiki.  

Experience and understanding create confidence.
Students are encouraged to bring their questions and experiences back to class for answers, discussion, and teacher support.  Typically students spend 25+ hours in class and completing "homework." 
Please don't let the word comprehensive lead you to believe fun is not involved.  Learning and teaching Reiki is delightful.  Even though I take my responsibility as a teacher serious I believe discovering Reiki is a joyful experience. 
"It was as fun as a class at Hogworts might be! (Ha, ha, ha!)"
Learning about and working with energy can be exciting and fun.  While we have plenty of laughs and moments of awe, students learn about the simplicity and beauty of Reiki, how to use it effectively to increase a sense of well-being and relaxation, decrease pain, and accelerate healing.  
Requirements to complete the Reiki One & Reiki Two courses 
include practice, practice, practice.  Even in Reiki One, students learn how to perform self-treatments, receive experience providing Reiki treatments to others, and are provided tips & encouragement to incorporate Reiki practice in their daily routine.   You will learn how to use Reiki in your daily life through practice, self-reflection, experience, and more practice.  
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Participation in volunteer/service work is highly recommended.  (I'll be happy to guide you to appropriate Reiki opportunities.)  Other assignments include journaling, meditation, and some reading.
My classes were developed to provide students a solid foundation for their Reiki work & further education.  ~

I teach Western Usui Reiki Ryoho along with important basic information from traditional Japanese Reiki that have been missing from western teachings.  (The traditional Japanese Reiki material presented in my classes contains only information that has been published or is currently in public domain.  I refer anyone wanting to find Jikiden® Reiki training to  seek a Jikiden Shihan directly through the official site for the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai or Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.)     

© Barbara Church 2014 - All Rights Reserved - Barbara ChurchEvery Reiki student deserves a well rounded perspective 
on Reiki as it is taught and practiced today.  
My foundation classes encourage students to seek the authentic, to operate with a honest straightforward approach to energy healing, and to honor the original teaching of Mikao Usui.  Simple Reiki research exposes confusing, conflicting and misguiding information.  As a teacher my goal is to give students information to help guide them to reliable sources from experts. Knowledge is  Power!  Better informed students are better prepared to determine their own Reiki path.   

Western? Traditional Japanese? 
Everyone who wishes to incorporate Reiki in their daily life can learn to do so by learning Western or Traditional Japanese Reiki.  However, no bones about it, I strongly encourage those who wish to teach Reiki at a master teacher level to learn authentic traditional Japanese Reiki.  At least learn the Shoden & Okuden level and be exposed to the honest, unaltered truth and simplicity of Reiki. The information gained from traditional Japanese Reiki is that important.
© Barbara Church 2014  R4PH May 2014 Dragonfly Jikiden is Usui ReikiWhat's Jikiden® Reiki?  
Jikiden® Reiki is a form of traditional Japanese Reiki that has been directly handed down without alteration.  

I have completed Jikiden Shoden & Okuden training.  
I am not a Jikiden® Reiki Shihan (teacher).  Jikiden Shihans have completed extensive training prior to attaining the level of (teacher) Shihan.  Jikiden Shihans are currently 
teaching in the U.S. and worldwide.  
You can locate a highly qualified Jikiden® Reiki Shihan through the Jikiden Reiki Association

Scheduling Summer 2019 Classes Now
Usui Reiki I ~ $250
Please feel free to call (928) 853-1382 
to schedule Your Reiki class dates.
Usui Reiki II 
All Reiki 4 Peaceful Heart Classes 
Are Taught By Barbara Church
Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Jikiden® Reiki Practitioner
(I am also a registered Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher)
"The teachers make it all about the students & their learning."
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"The instructors genuinely care and 
compassionately answered all my questions."  
"The instructors are what made this class so fun."
Recommended Reading
Japanese Reiki, Todao Yamaguchi, Recommended Reading Book
Light on the Origins of Reiki
by Tadao Yamaguchi
                andJapanese Reiki, Frank Arjava Petter, Recommended Reading Book
This is Reiki:
Transformation of Body,
Mind and Soul
by Frank Arjava Petter
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